ABCDE + androsol

After reading in Behind the scenes about the safer -70 sprays only in the morning- androsol protocol I’ve been thinking to try it with ABCDE diet for 4 weeks, does that make sense? I’m 14%bf and want to get down to at least 10% with no LBM loss.

The ABCDE diet as published in mm2k had a basic concept that was good and works very well when done right – alternating brief dieting periods with periods of eating more and gaining muscle – but the specifics were totally screwed up. The caloric intake while dieting was too low, protein was dropped too low, and the result was excessive LBM loss. And the calories were too high in the gaining phase, resulting from most users in excessive fat gain.

Much better to keep calories reasonable in the dieting phase – 12 grams per lb
LBM if training naturally though you can get by with less on the juice – and one gram protein per lb LBM. Calories shouldn’t exceed 20 per lb LBM while in the bulking phase.

I’m sorry I meant the new ABCDE (Delta 1250) by TC from issue 59, should I still give it a try with Androsol?

I think you may want to reconsider your diet strategy.
from what i understand ABCDE is a load of crap.
you can dig through the archives do get the specifics (it’s been slammed several times–i think the delta 1250 article went into it a little), but i think just some basic knowledge and elementary manipulations of your macronutrients and exercise program will do wonders.

I do think (very, very strongly) that the alternating calories concept, providing that the dieting calories are not too low and bulking calories not too high, is the way to go. I would use this approach is using Androsol. Don’t go to dieting until say 3 or 4 days after stopping Androsol though… use maintenance calories (recovery may be faster with maintenance calories.)

I know Sebb was talking about TC’s Delta 1250 but I’d like to discuss Torbjorn Akerfeldt’s original ABCDE diet based on my three cycles about over a year ago. In my three bulking cycles, I gained one pound, two pounds, and four pounds (w/Tribex), respectively. It was the first time I gained muscle (I’m a hardgainer). However, I also gained four pounds of fat at each bulking cycle. For the undereating phases, I used the protein cycling version (fyi, he had two cutting versions with the protein cycling version permiting more calories) but was only able to lose two pounds in two weeks. So after my full, three cycles (three months) were over, I had an access of six pounds of fat which took me an extra six weeks to burn. Actually, this wasn’t really bad. After all, traditionally you’re gonna gain fat when building muscle. But agreeing w/ Bill Roberts, Akerfeldt asssumed everyone eating 1500 calories above maintenance with a drastic calorie cut during the undereating phase will build muscle w/o loading too much fat. Wrong. Obviously, certain factors such as your metabolism should determine the calorie intakes. So Akerfeldt’s theories were definitely work in progress. It didn’t deserve the four-part issue treatment and the shitload of footnotes to scientific studies. However, his basic premise of cycling make sense to me. What I’d like to know, now that it’s been three years since the MM2K interview (and he appearantly received funding to test ABCDE), is if Akerfelt has revised his calorie recommendations. Does he have anything new to say? If so, I think it’d make an interesting T-Mag interview.