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ABC Party (Anything But Clothes), Any Ideas?


were having an ABC party which means you can wear anything but clotheing and iI have no idea what to wear...any suggestions??


inflatable crocodie strapped around your waist?


A condom


+1, and given the propensities of male university students, I'd make it extra thick.


Trash Bags and crumpled News paper if in a cold climate. Hammer or Hobo style


I can't stand ABC parties. They always end up in a crowded house full of people wearing trash bags and thus sweating everywhere. I also have no desire to see a bunch of dudes strutting around barely clothed.

You should have a Halloween/costume party instead. Girls will be scantily clothed instead of the dudes.


Hence the 'extra thick' comment.
Guys, if you're tempted to go around having ABC parties and otherwise act like what the americans call 'college kids', please:
Just fuck a bloke. Seriously. Nobody will judge you, and everybody, including you, will be so much happier.


One of my friends once went to a party like this and he had draped a very large flag around his body, toga style. It worked for him.


He's not in Wales.


That's cute, Oleena is back.


Uhhh. What if he is an American College Kid?

And, not gay?


Bro, just go Full Monty. No need for clothes.

Or just wear a bear skin rug.


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I would show up in just my Muck boots.


Hmm You might be on to something. I wouldn't mind.


You definitely should!!!

You would be my heterononflexible anchor.




Haha you guys are very creative..and some apparently a little more then others. And it would be a Halloween party but a few sororities are having one soon and they don't want to dress up twice....and i got a red trash can, cut the bottom out, attached some ssuspenders, painted the inside red and I'm gonna fill the inside with balloons ....red solo cup haha


Hmmm... Depends?


A heterosexual frat boy? Really?