ABC Knew about Epstein

I’m sure a lot of people knew. It’s Three days of the condor.

Was this not written about on conspiracy theory sites quite some time ago? I remember hearing about Epstein, the “Lolita Express” and Clintons connection to it from friends into conspiracy stuff years ago.

Now Amy has to Clinton herself too.

It’s like The Ring. Only instead of some disembodied spirit of a little Japanese girl, it’s the Clintons killing everybody, just like they always have.


This is a crazy story. ABC is cold busted, the hot mic take saying the victim had evidence including pictures?! Oh please, do tell. Oh yeah, and Bill Clinton is big in the suppressed story.
Question, are they going to release the unvarnished story as it was recorded originally? Right now, its lies and cover ups.
I don’t think ABC expected it to get this white hot this fast.

Let’s go to the source:


Correct me if I’m wrong, but she said the story was quashed 3 years ago.

Now, perhaps my maths are wrong, but was that an election year?


Unsurprisingly, CBS just retailed against the whistle blower who exposed the cover up of the Epstein story:

Got to give it to the MSM, they stick together.

Everyone fires leakers. It’s probably one of the most universal aspects of all business in all sectors everywhere.

Though you are correct, firing a staff member for revealing a quashed story at a competitor isn’t exactly a good look for a news organization.

This is bad if true.

Extremely. But come on, guys, they could murder Epstein in jail. Firings are bush league, comparatively speaking.

Yeah, all of this, including the girl who accused Trump of raping her, was being discussed leading up to the last US election but few people took it seriously. Now it’s the main headlines all over the world. They said “pizzagate” was nonsense, but now they have some pf the top democrats (Clintons) tied to a pedo ring that can’t be disproven.

This is another example of why people say the mainstream news is controlled by the ruling elite. It’s a propaganda machine.

It gets worse than that, see this story (keeping in mind the allegations against Prince Andrew)

I don’t think that guy was lying at all, especially considering that another former British PM was revealed to be a pedophile:

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I haven’t followed this closely and I know it’s in to say Epstein didn’t kill himself. Do we have any credible evidence to suggest he didn’t?

I realize that it may have been convenient for some powerful people if he died but wondering if a natural skeptic (and Occam’s razor guy) such as myself has true evidence to think he didn’t do it himself?

The broken hyoid bone in his neck. It’s effectively impossible for a healthy adult male to break that when being hung in the manner he was hung. It is, however, almost always broken when someone strangles someone. Numerous experts who have reviewed the autopsy (including one that watched it) came to this conclusion. There are many people sitting in prison due to this issue alone.

Pretty much the only evidence of non-strangulation is the testimony of the guards, who are the same people charged with tampering with evidence and who were in a position to delete the video monitors that conveniently were deleted for the time of the death.

The whole thing stinks.

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Didn’t he already try to commit suicide before he succeeded in doing it? That makes things even murkier. Maybe he really didn’t attempt it previously and that was just a ruse to make the “real” suicide seem believable.

This would seem to refute that. Although it says of course it doesn’t tell the whole story. That was just from a google search. But I haven’t looked that much at the stuff other than that. I mean he was a prick and him being dead isn’t a big deal cover up or no. Nothing happens to connected powerful people anyways. We had the entire US economy almost collapse over powerful connected people and they didn’t do any time or lose it all. We proceeded to let those people influence legislation from happening that might hurt their ability to become more powerful in the future.

“On “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, Baden specifically noted that Epstein had broken several bones in his neck, which he said was more consistent with strangulation than with hanging.

However, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said in August that multiple neck fractures means the cause is less likely to be strangulation alone.

“In strangulation, while you can break the hyoid bone, it is less likely to actually break bones in the neck,” Gupta said. “By hanging, someone can break both the hyoid bone and other bones in the neck. None of these factors in isolation give you a complete story.”

Very unlikely he could have broken neck bones from a hanging in his cell where he probably would have had to been on his knees. Don’t see how enough force could be generated to break vertebrae.

That just tells you how bad CNN is. He’d have to drop a lot (like with a hangman’s noose, dropping from a platform in the Old West) to break more bones from hanging.