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I’m planning to up my workout frequency from 3 days a week (currently alternating between upper and lower body) to 4 days a week, with weekends off. I would appreciate your comments on the following rotating split plan.
The features are: Three separate workouts (ABC) with minimal overlap, weekends off, no more than 2 consecutive workout days in a row, and varying rest/recovery periods of 4-6 days between same workouts.

Workout A is multi-joint pushing, abs, triceps. Workout B is multi-joint pulling, hamstrings, biceps. Workout C is quads, rotator cuff, calves, and abs.
Week 1: Mo-A, Tu-B, Th-C, Fr-A.
Week 2: Mo-B, Tu-C, Th-A, Fr-B
Week 3: Mo-C, Tu-A, Th-B, Fr-C
Week 4 - repeat

Thanks in advance for your ideas - Nylo
Essentially, you rotate through the three workouts, A,B, and C, on a consistent, 4 day a week schedule.


Nylo - the workout looks pretty promising, and I was actually thinking of doing a very similar split myself. I recently did a month of 4-day workouts that worked really well for me in terms of increasing strength and muscle mass…I outlined them for Uncle Elroy (check his post). The split used pretty basic exercises, but it was quite effective. Good luck!

Thanks, Cam. Yes, I read your post with interest. Other splits I’ve seen have the primary and secondary movers on separate days. For instance, pulling on one day, and biceps on another. I’m combining biceps and pulling on the same day, although I’ve put a different exercise between them in the order. This way, you get complete recovery for primaries and secondaries before repeating.
By splitting up the entire body into 3 workouts, instead of two, I’m hoping to up the intensity for each body part and keep the workouts to 45-60 minutes or less. Plus, I like my weekends off, since my gym is adjacent to my workplace. Thanks for your input.