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ABB's XXL 1100

Just wondering if anyone has every tried ABB’s XXL 1100 weight gaining drink. One bottle houses a whopping 1007 calories and something like 50 grams of protein. Is this not the protein shakes of all protein shakes. Does it taste good and does it work for you?

50g’s protien x 4 calories= 200cals from protein. This means there are over 800 calories coming from fat and carbos. This drink sound like a milk shake. I may help you…get fat. Stick with Grow or Surge for your supplemental proteins.

The taste is too bad. Watch how long it takes you to drink, i.e. the longer the better. I drank it in 20 minutes. within 30 minutes, my heart was pounding and I felt like blood pressure shot up, my face turned beet red and I felt like I was swelling. In about 2 hours I was back to normal. I haven’t tried one since then, but you might want to drink half post workout and then the other half an hour later. Or go for it and drink the whole thing. Maybe you can tolerate it. I just know I couldn’t.

Sounds like the typical sugar filled shit that was sold to know-nothing teens in the 70’s. Better read the “Dirty Tricks” article at T-mag. Just because something one ups the other protein shakes by adding more protein doesn’t mean anything. So they add a bigger scoop. Big deal. Why don’t you list the ingredients if you really want some feedback.

ABB? They aren’t exactly known for high quality products. I have tried it though and it was rather syrup-like. Didn’t taste too good either. I have yet to find a ready to drink product that is decent in qulaity. There’s just no way that those are the calories that you are looking for (assuming that you don’t want to turn into a tubbo-lard). Bad product + high price = GARBAGE.

I remember when I was using HeavyWeight Gainer 900 in 1995. I would drink these things with 16-20oz of milk every morning. I was taking in more than 1,000 calories from that one meal each day and still eating two other large meals and snacks in between. Needless to say, I put on 20lbs in a few months and my strength went through the roof. Luckily, I was training very hard and lifting heavy. But I’d say that about half of that weight was pure fat. Sure, I felt great with the extra weight, and I was strong, but when my gut started hanging over my pants when I sat down, I knew I had to stop using that stuff. For a true hardgainer, it may be okay for a short period of time, but overall, those weight gainers are horrible. Oh man, some days, I almost gagged trying to drink the shake. And I would feel sick for about an hour afterward. Not to mention that I had horrible gas that could clear out a college classroom!

These are pre-packaged maltodextrin drinks. Over 200 carbs and 50 protein. If you want a GIGANTIC insulin release then drink it. Otherwise, stick to Surge or just less calories/carbs/protein for your workouts.

I’ve never tried XXL 1100, but have noticed positive effects from ABB’s Mass Recovery drink. This has approx. 30 grams of protein and 60 grams of simple carbs, which makes it ideal for a post-workout meal.