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Abbreviated (yet optimal volume) Chest/Back Routine

Good Evening guys,

I decided to make this thread to hopefully stimulate a variety of theories that can hopefully help me dig out of this rut!

basically, I’m on a 4-5 day split; chest+back / legs / arms / and shoulders up to twice per week (shoulder specialization).

I’ve just come of Chad Waterbury’s ABBH (absolutely love it, highly recommend for size and strength gains), which accommodated my injury very well - AC separation back in August means there is literally 2 chest exercises I can do without pain, so Dips/Incline bench combo were the go-to moves well throughout the program!

now I’m moving back to a standard BB split, and i’ve just completed the first Chest/Back session, which is trained the same as all other muscles (3 sets of 3-4 exercises 6-15reps), but my shoulder hates me for it!

I need to design an abbreviated chest/back routine (to be done once a week) that allows high volume -ideally 9-10 sets for chest.

would anyone know a good workout for this??? My starting point is below…

(i can only use 30 degree+ incline bench DB/BB or Dips without any pain)…

Incline BB Press 4 x 10,8,6,6 (ramped weight)
Incline DB Press 2 x 15,12
Dips 3 x F,F,F

Would this make for an Ok Workout?

-I like to superset for density, so my back would we be worked in the same fashion as above, with DB Rows, DB Trap Rows (flared elbows), Chin Ups…

I really appreicate your thoughts,

looks good. Run it for 4 weeks and see how you respond. If you start to feel good with it don’t be afraid to add reps, sets, exercises, etc.

On Dips, make sure you’re targeting your chest…lean in on these, full stretch at bottom, and make sure you really fire and squeeze the hell out of your pec minors on the way up. Don’t go too upright and let tris take over.


yeah i know what you mean about dips! -i’ll try your adjustments! :slight_smile: