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Abbreviated Training

Whasssuppppp T-Dudes!

I’m pretty new to T-mag but have been very impressed with the level of knowledge and info available to hand.

Has anyone here tried the type of abbreviated training championed by Stuart McRobert in his book Beyond Brawn? If so, how did your gains compare to your normal programme?

I followed his program for 8 months and experienced slow, steady gains. It’s a good way to go if you work a lot of hours or don’t get enough sleep (like I did). I did, however, hit the stiff leg deadlifts too hard for too long and hurt my back. It took 2 years to heal and still “goes out” occasionaly. McRoberts does emphasize recovery periods to avoid this I just didn’t listen. I have made better progress by changing my programs at least every 4-6 weeks. If you have been training with a lot of volume, you will probably derive great benefit from it, but I would switch off when your gains really slow or stop.