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Abbreviated Powerlifting Program

I am a 18 year old college student with three years of weight training experience. I have a good base of overall strength at a weight 203 lbs at 5’11. I am currently on Korte’s 3x3 powerlifting program in which the three powerlifts are used exclusively, three times per week. Has anyone tried this program, and do you recommend using it long term for overall strength and maintenence of mass?

where can I found out more about the program? Kinda sounds like Starr’s big three program with out he power clean.

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Check out this site, lots of good info from Louie Simmons, Dave Tate, Stephan Korte and mooore…

Articles about Olympic lifting, Power lifting, strongman stuff…

Well worth a visit


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Well…Check it out.


I have a friend that has used the 3x3 multiple times with great success. Remember not to do anything else besides the prescribed program. The volume is high.