ABBH1 Load ?

First off, I apologize in advance if this has already been answered. I did a search, and seemed to get mixed results, and hoped to find some resolution to my questions. Here it is:

Today was “Day 5” as per the ABBH1 spreadsheet posted 2 posts above this one. I have 115 and 105 for chins and dips, respectively. Those numbers represent a total weight, as in, my bodyweight, minus assistance pounds = total weight being moved.

So, assuming I weigh about 145, 115 means 30 pounds of assistance on the assisted dip machine. With these numbers in mind, I figured I would put 30 and 40 pounds of assistance, respectively, on the machine for each exercise. This didn’t work out.

I must have really overestimated my 1 rep max, as I’m sure I would have gone to failure by the 3rd (or even 2nd in the case of the chin ups) set at those weights. Instead of 5 sets of 10 reps (all at one weight), here is how things worked out:

Dips (assistance x reps)


I kept adjusting the assistance upwards as I felt necessary, to ensure I didn’t end up going to failure before 10 reps. As you can see, I must have been way off in my estimate of my 1RM for these particular exercises. Incidentally, I used an online calculator to come up with my 1RM for these, and all the other exercises shown in the sheet.

Having said all this, and made all those adjustments, I’m not too sure what weights I will start at next time round. I think I will have to make an educated guess, and adjust again if I am approaching failure.

Should I have approached this differently? Is there a better way to come up with the weights I should use for my next workout?

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How did you estimate your 1rm? I have found it better to actually spend a day or two ‘testing’ your relevent RM’s for the exercises you need.
For instance for the 5x10, i would use a 14rm or so (roughly 60% 1rm). For the 10x3 i use a 8rm which is close to 80% 1rm.

You have either over estimated your 1rm or you have poor endurance. Either way I would reduce the weight so you can get through the workout without changing the weight.


Thanks t-James,

I used a calculator webpage to come up with my 1RM. As you mentioned, I must either have poor endurance, or have over estimated my 1RM.

I did try to lower the weight so that I could use the same weight throughout the 5 sets, and I will continue to do that if necessary.

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Is there any way to accurately estimate what my 1RM for standing calf raises would be, based on my 1RM for seated calf raises? I have never done standing calf raises, and ABBH calls for a second calf exercise tomorrow (day 7).

I also face the same problem for decline situps. I have no idea what weight to use (I always use a weighted crunch machine).

Sorry to bump my own post, but I had to add this:

Holy @#$^ am I ever sore from yesterday’s workout! It developed over the course of the day, and now feels like I just worked out for the first time in months!!! This soreness is all in my chest…I don’t really feel any in my back. I am even sore in my abs!@! Sucks that I have to work abs tomorrow!! (on that note, I still have to figure out what I am going to do to workout my abs)

Can I use the same exercise on both ab days, or do I HAVE to come up with 2 different ones?