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ABBH1 Exercise Questions.


Hey, all. I want to start ABBH1 this week and while looking over the exercises I realized there are quite a few i'm unsure of. I figured i'd ask and give ya'll a laugh and hopefully get an answer or two.

How exactly do I perform these exercises?

Bentover BB Rows.
Upright Rows.
Standing Cable Crunch.
Donkey Calf-Raises.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling:


Check this site



Bentover BB Rows: bend over at approx. 45 to 90 degrees, bend in the knees to wear you're comfortable, grab a bar and pull the weight to your chest. I believe Chad recomends using a grip distance simmilar to what you'd use while benching, and a pronated (palms facing your body) grip.

Upright Rows: Grab a bar (I prefer the bent curling bar) and stand up straight with it hanging down at full arms length. Lift bar as close to your body as possible, all the way up to your chin. Try to point your elbows up as high as you can.

Standing Cable CrunchL: Using a rope that's usually used for tricep push downs, stand against the machine and curl your body down while holding the rope around the back of your neck while keeping your legs motionless.


Try google, thats where I found pictures when I was in doubt.


Donkey calf raises:


I just did standing or seated calf raises instead.


Thanks for the replies, ya'll. They sound simple enough.


Interesting, we have a Donkey-Calf Raise machine at the gym that I use quite frequently. I just referred to them as bent-over calf raises.