I have just completed the ABBH workout. I had some very good results. I put on 6-8 lbs and gained a lot of strength in my legs. I really like this workout and was wondering if I could just start back at the beginning? I saw where CW said to flip/flop the horizontal and vertical. Can you gain that much size from doing 3-5 reps of chins & dips? What are 2 other exercises people are doing for the chest/back in the vertical plane? All your help is appreciated.

If anyone has had better results by going to a different program after ABBH please let me know.

Absolutely! That’s exactly what I did on the program, is flip-flop the set and rep scheme. From there, CW recommends doing a 5x5 program. I enjoyed the program and saw some pretty impressive strength increses, too.

Just a note, ABBH II is coming in Friday’s update!

Why wouldn’t you be able to gain size from doing 10x3 chins and dips, if you can gain size from 10x3 bench and rows? Chins and dips are a few of my favorite exercises. I’m sure you realize that you have to increase the load (with a weight belt) when the reps go down.

Can’t wait to read ABBH II!