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About the Anti Bodybuilding Hypertophy program, I’m not sure if I should just follow as directed or if I can add in more exercises. The article wasn’t very specific as to how many exercises should be performed. If anybody has tried this program before, could you tell me how you did it. Also, anybody who has tried it and wants to say anything at all about it, that would be great.
-Hey thanks a lot

To be more specific, what I mean is:
When it says 10 sets of 3 reps for back, do I
a) do 10 sets of bent-over rows and then 10 sets of another back exercise
b) do 10 sets of a back exercise, maybe 5 row, 5 seated machine row, etc.

You would do 10 sets of your example bent over rows super setted with a horizontal chest excersize such as bench press for 10 sets also then getv the hell out of the gym, Eat, rest, and GROW.

It doesnt seem like much but the whole basis of the program is to stimulate not annhiliate (sp)

I felt the same way about the volume and actually added a few other sets the first time I did it. The next time I followed it to a T and the results were better than when I screwed with it.

So I would suggest give it a go as he has designed it. If you are leaving the gym feeling like you have a lot left good go grow and come back even harder next time.


I have tried it before and the strength gains from it I found were amazing. Follow like it says, eat, sleep, workout, repeat.

Alright, I guess I am doing it right. Thanks a lot. I did the first day today and when I was done, I was like,“is that all?” But I guess it is. And judging from how everybody in puts it in such high regards, its gotta work.

As for when it calls for 10 sets of 3 for abs, do I just grab a heavy ass weight and throw it on my chest for 3 sit-ups?
Also, how long should I stay on this program for?

As always, thanks alot, Travis

Travis, I think I see the problem. You don’t just grab a heavy ass weight and start doing situps. It’s like all the other exercises in the program. If you are doing 10x3, you should be doing 80% of your 1RM. You have to test for each exercise. If you haven’t tested and are just guessing, you’re not following the program the way it was designed, and you won’t get the results that everyone else has.

All I know is that ABBH kicks my butt, and I don’t have anything left over when I leave the gym.

For bodybuilding purposes it is also good to hit as many muscle fibers as possible. To do this you can use 2 or 3 exercises per bodypart as long as the total number of sets does not exceed 10. For instance you can do 5x3r Incline BB Chest Press and 5x3r Decline DB Chest Flyes. The total volume of the training remains the same even though you’ve done more exercises. Likewise, on the high rep day you can choose 3 exercises for 1 set each of 10r. I personally recommend doing ABBH as originally intended with one exercise. I find the higher volume per exercise better stimulates a hypertrprophic response due to a larger fatigue factor in the muscle and the corresponding larger influx of nutrients for full repair. But I have always preferred doing less in variety of movements and more sets per movement, so if this is not the case with you, then try the method I pointed out above.