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just started chads anti-bodybuilding program and i must admit its tough! i have one problem though , when i do the hangin pikes i can barely do about 6-7 reps in a row , should i continue doing that and hoping to reach full ten reps as i get stronger or should i change for an easier exercise? i also feel diffeculties doing the front squats with a free bar would it be okay to do them in the smith-machine?


My advice is to stick with the hanging pikes until you build up and keep working on the front squat without using the smith machine. Most people have problems with the front squat when they first start out, but you'll get the hang of it after a few sessions.


thanks man i?ll just continue and see what happens , in my gym i rarely see anyone do?ng full squats not to mention front-squats! why? because they?re damn hard!! by the way has anyone tried larry scotts topsquat device for squatting?