Hi everyone

Im have been looking for a great hypertrophy program and out of all the programs ive looked at ABBH and GVT were the ones i liked best.Now i have to decide which one would be best for maximum hypertrophy.
So cmon guys in your opinion which would be better for overall muscle hypertrophy?


HHH, I performed ABBH in June/July 2004. GVT: no experience. I believe that OVT is more productive than GVT. OVT and ABBH are both excellent for hypertrophy. My suggestion is to alternate OVT with ABBH-ABBH2.

Which one is best???

Well I would say do them both. Why choose one. Give them both a full run.

I would suggest starting with the ABBH. It is great at not only producing mass, but also strength.

The added strength will only benefit you down the road on higher volume work, by giving you the ability to move more weight.

Just my 2cc

ABBH would be a better choice since you will be able to keep or increase your strength levels, which, ultimately, will lead to better gains in the long run.

I found GVT to be too boring/repetitive and never got much out of it since you only use 60% of your 1RM for all sets. I would rather use 80-85% of my 1RM and complete the 10x3 for maximum strength and hypertrophy.

There is also the benefit of doing lower reps and practicing better form and learning how to lift heavier weights more explosively.

I recommend ABBH over GVT/OVT any day.

in agreement with ‘luca’: OVT is good.
eating before, after, and after any of those workouts is also key.
I am a big fan of CW and his thinking. heavy weights also helps me feel like my muscles have density to them, rather than being puffy big