ABBH Too Easy?

Hello, this is my first post here at T-Nation. Although this is my first post, I have been browsing and reading this forum for the past month or two. After reading different programs I decided I was going to give the abbh program a try.

Heres the specs:

  • Aaron
  • 150lbs
  • 11% Body Fat
  • 6 ft. Tall
  • LOTS of lifting/eating knowledge (nutrition student).
  • Have been lifting on and off for about the past year.

So I have a question about this program. I started it last week. I hadnt really taken into count that I have had some strength gains in the past 2 months so I under estimated my 1RM with benching. I did the first day perfectly, but realised I didnt use enough weight. So I waited 4 days and started it over (I used WAY too little wait the first day).

So when I restarted the program I used the proper weight. It was very difficult. I tried to get a fourth rep on my last set of bench and the bar just came right back down on my chest, needing help to get it back up.

So heres my question: Everytime I have ever lifted, Iv been fairly sore the next couple of days. Now 2 days after doing this program with the proper weight I have NO soreness what so ever. Why is this? In the past I’ve lifted for 5 or 6 weeks straight feeling at least a little bit sore after every workout.

With this I have NO pain at all. I thought I wasnt lifting enough, so as i said, I started over. And that restart day was very difficult and if anything, maybe too much weight was used. So whats going on here? Any ideas?

Thank you,

does it really matter if your sore? no.

Hahaha, oh you crazy guy.

Soreness doesn’t mean dick. If it’s your 1RM it’s your 1RM. The only measure of progress is actual progress. You don’t need to get soreness for your numbers to go up.

A few comments:

  • The first week should be fairly easy in order to allow for the progression. Be patient, it will become more taxing every week. By the way, IIRC, the first bench/row session is 10x3. Why a fourth rep?

  • Soreness is a poor means to gauge the effectiveness of a training session. Follow the program as it is laid out and you’ll be fine.

  • 6 foot tall and 150 lbs.? I weigh 50 lbs. more at the same height and still would be considered skinny by some people on this site. You definitely need get a grip on your diet in order to make progress.

Guess I should have given more background info. I am 20 years old and have been a shorter guy just up until about a year or two ago. So my weight is still trying to catch up to my height.

However, the past year I got very sick, with all kinds of bacteria and virus infections. I lost the 15 pounds that I started to gain and I never go a chance to keep gaining until roughly the past month. So in the past 2 months I have put on about 5 or 6 pounds and with proper training and eating I hope to keep up with that pace.

So i guess without understand my physical condition in the past year I could see why you would come to the conclusion of poor eating.

When I said a fourth rep, I meant on my very last set. SO i did 10x3 all the way through and then tried for a 4th rep on my last (tenth) set.

I undertand that just becuase Im not sore doesnt mean Im not gaining mass or strength. Its just that I have NEVER lifted that hard and came out without a bit of soreness. It was just very weird and I was starting to wonder if maybe I wasnt doing enough. I just havent ever lifted without feeling at least a little bit of it for the next day or two.

So thanks for the reassureance that everything is alright. Any other tips/motivation would be appreciated though. Thank you.

Maybe you’re treating your body better and/or in better shape. I know when I started working out after a long period of nothing I was as sore as a kid who just came back from the Neverland Ranch (although in different places).

I think there was an article on T-Nation a while ago that said something about the soreness myth.

Read Myth #2.

Just keep eating big and training big. I’m no expert by any means, but I’ve been trying my best to eat and train big and it sure as hell has been working for me!