ABBH Supposed To Feel Easy In Week 1?

I’m switching to a new program, Waterbury’s ABBH and it seems easy, especially on the 5x10 Legs day (Day 3, to be specific). Is this normal? Obviously it’s going to get harder, but it really seems too easy, especially like I said on 60% 1RM days.

lol, you’ve done ONE WEEK of a 6-8 week program. What the hell do you think?

Give it time, Grasshopper.

Come back at the end of the program and then tell us if it was easy or not.

It’s also possible that you’ve underestimated your 1RM. I am in the final week of ABBH and it’s not so easy if you get your estimates right, although I do remember thinking the same thing as you on Day 3. It does get more difficult to get the last couple of reps the next time around on your 5x10 day at the higher weight. Give it time, this program really puts on some mass.