ABBH - Supersets and Giant Sets

As the temperature drops and the weather is getting worse I’m looking for a way of gaining some real muscle. I’m thinking of giving Chad Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy program a try.

The program uses supersets and giant sets quite a lot, but the gym where I workout is pretty crowded at all times which makes supersets and especially giant sets hard to do.

So I’m wondering if there’s any particular reason to do these besides saving time?

Will the program be just as effective if I leave out the supersets and giant sets?


Kickeye, I’ve just completed the training sequence ABBH and ABBH2. These programs are effective if you don’t change anything. At the beginning I had your same problems concerning supersets and giant sets with the gym crowded. I put a 2nd loaded barbell (for rows) close to the bench. For deadlift I organized a position in my gym to be sure that nobody was going to touch it. Concerning the Front Squats workout, I put a rubber pad close to the barbell to perform floor pikes and if I found the standing calf machine occupied I switched to db calf raise. It’s a matter of organization.
Hope that helps !

Yeah, thanks!

I’ve thought about it and with a little imagination/organization it will probably work.