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ABBH Substitution

I just got muscle revolutio and am starting ABBH as is outlined in the book for my goal (strength and hypertrophy) and was wondering if I could substitute front squats for back squats. I am not very good at front squats (form sucks) and cannot handle much weight. I would like to build my squat up more as well, anyone else done this or think this would be okay?

You SUCK at them and they are hard the exact reason TO keep them in the program its the exercises we hate and suck at thatwill usually give the largest payback.

Keep them make it a mission to get good at them. they are great hitting the whole damn body really put a strain on the quads and core

Thats my opionin man up beat them dot run from them you’ll never get good at them if you dont do them.


I have to agree with Phill. I used to not do front squats for the same reasons you outlined. Then, one day, I followed a program as it was written. It included front squats. Now, I like doing them and try to use them as often as I can.

It will take a little time to get the hand positioning correct and to stretch out your wrists and shoulders (that is where I had some issues with the exercise) but it will get there. Just keep at them.


Knew that would be the response lol. Anyone got a link with a pics showing proper form?