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ABBH + Stretch Mark Mass = Over Training?

Hey guys, I?m about to start a bulking phase and I wanted to bounce the idea off some of you before getting it underway. I?m 20 years old / 6?0? / 182 lbs. as of today (not positive about bodyfat but I’ve never been above 12% on the calipers and my abs are visible cold). I just completed Charles Poliquin?s ?The 5% Solution? program and did go up 10% in all the lifts and gained about 4 lbs. Now I am really excited to get into ABBH and I want to finish off the workouts with ?Stretch Mark Mass?. I get 8.5 + hours of sleep a night, continue to gradually raise my caloric intake (although for this period I?m thinking of just inhaling as many as I can handle), and following the post-workout suggestions in Issue 298?s Branding Iron. My question/concern is whether it seems I?ll be over training if I?m not taking MAG-10, Tribex, M or anything along those lines. I haven?t earned the right to use any of them yet, so I?m hoping that this doesn?t seem like a bad idea to go ahead without any. Open to all suggestions, thanks a lot.


Initial thoughts are that at age 20 you’re a lot better off for this than someone much older and that much less likely to overtrain.

Make sure that you’re getting lots of protein and carbs, post workout will be important like you’ve already stated as well as sleep. You seem like you’re on the right track.

My suggestion would be to give it a shot and monitor your progress and then adjust as necassary.

ABBH is designed with the CNS in mind so overtraining risks would be minimal even with the additional SMM work.

Take some Vitamin C 45 min.- 1 hr. before your workout to further help with recovery, and if you’ve got the money Surge will make a huge difference. To be honest with you at your age I don’t know that M or Tribex would increase your recovery times that much. Other than that you seem to have taken all the proper and prescribed steps.

The ABBH program with stretching will be fine providing you’re sleeping and eating the way you mentioned.
If you sleep enough and perform my post-workout feeding, you probably won’t get overtrained.

Mr. Waterbury. I performed your post workout overfeeding with much delight. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much food in one sitting.

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