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ABBH split

I’m thinking of starting ABBH in a couple of weeks, but I have one problem - I can’t get to the gym on sundays. Would I be okay doing mon/weds/fri/sat instead of the day on day off approach prescribed? or would it be better to do mon/weds/fri/mon and have an extra day of rest?

Boy that is a tough one. It burns down to getting proper recovery. Seeing as the progam has you working different motor units I would say either would probably work to a point, with neither being as good as the og. program. Give 1 a go and see gow it works.

I am sure CW has a better more educated answer for you. I personnaly would try the M/W/F/S and see how I reacted to it.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I’ll probably try mon/weds/fri/sat, and if I need more time for recovery it’ll have to be mon/weds/fri/mon.