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ABBH: Same Load for 10x3?


Hey, just started CW ABBH today and looking closer at the program I have some questions. For the 10x3 days do you keep the load the same throughout the entire program? ex. Today I did flat bench pressing with 135 for 10x3 so next week should I do 135 for 4x10? Also, there should I cycle between a quad dominant and hip dominant lower body exercise for the 10x3 lower body day?


Yes, your going to continue to use 80% of your 1RM for each of the strength-based days throughout the program. The same load for 10x3 as 10x5. The 5x10 days have a 5% increase for each successive workout.

If you read his advice in his ABBH2 article he says that after the initial 23 days to switch the routines (10x3 days become 5x10), so stick with the deadlifts on your 10x3 days and when you switch you'll then be doing front squats for 10x3.

There is a zip file somewhere that has all of his programs put into Excel spreadsheets that will make it very easy for you organize the program. Hopefully somebody will read this that knows where to find it.


Here it is:


Colin, if you are doing 135 for 10x3 and you are able to do 135 for 4x10, you went too light for the 10x3. You are supposed to pick a weight that you can lift 5 times for the 10x3. If you can only lift it 5 times, how can you lift it 10 times?

I agree with the above, re-read the article.


Alright I get it now. Thanks for the help everyone. Seems kinda wierd to train your quads 10x3 for 23 days staright and then switch to your hamstrings but whatever. Arioch I don't know what you're trying to say but with the 135 10x3 bench press I just barely made the last rep of the 10th set. Also, what would be a good substitue for dips? When I do them I find it really hurts my shoulders.


Maybe I didn't understand your question:

A good substitute for dips, as recommended by CW, is decline bench. I don't recall if he recommends DB or BB for that.

If you barely made the last rep of the 10x3, you picked a good weight.Now, as I understood your question, you asked if you should use the 135 for 4x10. From your response, you won't be able to do that (nor would anyone expect you to).


I thought adding an extra rep was the progression each week. So this week I did 135 for 10x3 then next week I will progress to 135 for 10x4.


Yes, shoot for 10x4 with 135 next week. If you don't come close then you overreached with your weight estimations. No big deal, just adjust it, but the point is to have progression each workout.

If you used a weight that you failed with in week one you'll probably have a very hard time two weeks later when you're doing 10x5 since that is an additional 20 reps per exercise compared to the first week, and performed in the same amount of time. That's moving another 2700 pounds more than you could the first week.

That is some serious progression unless you used a sub-maximal load the first week (as you're supposed to do).