ABBH rest question

I will be coming off my second 6 week set of Poliquin’s GVT in a couple weeks and the ABBH looks like an interesting program to start.

Has anyone done this program but skipped one of the rest days? It works best for me to have set days of the week to lift on instead of using the every other day setup.

Has anyone done this program as a Mon,Tues, Thurs,Fri routine? And if so do you need to lower the loads or volume to prevent overtraining?


Oubigguy, great idea to start ABBH ! Obviously you have to wait the right answer from Chad. Anyway you can begin ABBH with your mo,tu,th,fr split and see what happens. ABBH becomes progressively more difficult. If you’re going to find recovery problems, for example from day 17 to day 23, I would train “only” on mo,we,fr. If you think that is not enough work, you may include the optional arm work. I would not change sets,reps,loads.
Hope that helps !