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ABBH rest periods

Today I did deadlifts, kind of following the rest/sets prescribed by the ABBH, went 8x3, 3 sets at 365, 2 at 385, 1 at 435, 2 at 455. Obviously, towards the end the rest periods exceed one minute, more like two or so. Is this an acceptable trade off or should I sacrifice some poundage to spare the rest periods? There’s no way I can pull 455 three times after a minute of rest, after two and some change it was still a struggle. Thanks y’all.


It sounds like you’re doing a set of deadlifts, resting 1 min., then doing another set of deadlifts, etc. That’s not how it’s supposed to go. Chad organized the exercises in a modified superset fashion. It should go as follows:

REST 1 min
Calf exercise
REST 1 min
REST 1 min

So you’re really getting 3 minutes of rest between the deadlift sets, plus active rest for the time it takes to do the other exercises.

You also want to work at a fixed 80% 1RM for all 10 sets.

I dont think you are sacrificing anything by upping the rest period to pull the higher weight.

Give it a few week run and see how the results are. We are all individual and some need more recovery than others.


By the way, nice pulls. Keep it up.

If you are alternating sets with the other muscle groups… you’ll get more time between deadlift sets.

You shouldn’t perform 10 sets of deads in a row with 60s rest periods. The program was written as follows:

Deadlifts, rest 60s, Abs, rest 60s, Calves, rest 60s, Deadlifts, rest 60s, etc.

This is how your workout should look.