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ABBH Questions

Hi, just started ABBH and I've got some questions.  I really like the methodology behind it and the simplicity.  BTW I'm a little over 6' and 172lb, strong legs but chest is a bit behind (I squat 300-350 in sets and bench about 180-185 max)

I’m a beginner technically and I have no doubt I’ll get great gains with the program (and I’m eating enough)…my goal is hypertrophy with good strength gains.

My questions are - on the day I do deadlifts, can I do half of them with shrugs at the end of the DL? Or is there a better way to incorporate trap work into the program if one wishes, or do I not need it at all?

I’ve seen a flipped version of ABBH that I THINK uses inclines for the second 23 days, but I can’t find it. Anyone tried inclines during ABBH, and for that matter does anyone have a link to the 23 day continuation of ABBH part one? My lower pecs are already ahead of my upper chest/shoulders is the reason I ask.

And finally, anyone have an easy way to incorporate some old school training (specifically sandbag work, tractor flipping, car pushing, sled dragging, and sledgehammer work) into ABBH? I know it isnt necessary but I plan on doing ABBH for about the next month and a half or two months, so I’d like a little bit of spice in the mix.

Opinions are appreciated, and like I said I expect great gains without any tweaking, but it would be helpful if someone with more experience would give some input.


The flipped version of ABBH I is at the beginning of ABBH II. Basically you just flip the parameters but keep the exercises the same. Ex. Day 1 Chest/Back use the same exercises but use the parameters for Day 5 Chest/Back. As far as doing incline benches, if you read the article, you will find that the first chest/back day is in the horizontal movement plane and the second one is in the vertical movement plane. While one could sub the incline benches in they are really a hybrid of both movement planes.

Interesting, so dips stimulate the upper pectoral muscle?

Another question, front barbell squats are recommended on quad dominant thigh day, are back squats out of the question?