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ABBH Question

I just finished the first 3 weeks of ABBH. It was awesome. My problem now is that I am taking a week off after minor surgery. I will be taking a week of vacation where I don’t think training will be available (small tropical island) - I know, poor planning, but it happens. Should I:

A)train for two weeks following the ABBH schedule and resume after vacation for the third week.

B)Do two weeks of a full-body routine and pick up with the full 3 weeks of ABBH after vacation

C)Do only two weeks of ABBH and pick up with another routine after vacation.

It goes without saying that I will try to get in some Naked Warrior type BW work on my vacation. Any suggestions are appreciated.


I’d do option B. OR…

Do two weeks of body weight exercises before vacation. This will increase the chances that you get a few good BW wkouts. while vacationing for a 3-week microcycle. Plus a 3-week BW program could be a good change of pace for ya. Then when you get back, start ABBH.