ABBH Question

Quick one, for the second part of ABBH where the days get flipped, can incline benching be considered a vertical movement or is it still too much in a frontal plane to be considered as SUCH, i work out at a crappy bally’s and they don’t have a weight belt with a chain on it and i’m not gonna buy one, so no weighted dips, ALSO any thoughts on a good sub for pull-ups for the same reason. Gracias muchachos.

You don’t have to have a belt. Before I got one, I’d hold a dumbbell between my legs… Probably tough with hexhead, but my commercial gyms have the dumbbells that are easy to do this with…

I consider any incline press with an angle greater than 45 degrees to be a vertical pressing movement.

Hold a db between your feet - that’s how I do them, even when a weight belt is available.

Thanks much, good idea on the dumbell, i’m glad there are lots of people out there better at thinking outside the box than me.