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ABBH Question?

I am just completing another 4week cycle of OVT and looking to progress onto ABBH1 for the first time. I have the following questions for CW or anyone who can supply me with information

  1. On day 1 (chest & Back) you are required to perform 3 reps x 10 sets for back and chest. Would it be more beneficial to use two different chest and back exercises to incorporate more angles or stick with just one exercise for all 10 back and all 10 chest?

  2. On day 2 for the ab exercise would russian twists using a heavy weight be a wise option? I will likely use decline weighted sit-ups on day 7 for ab work.

  3. On day 5 (chest & back) any thoughts on a good chest exercise to go with heavy lat pull downs? I was thinking since I cannot do dips at home an option would be to use decline dumbell semi-supinated presses. Any suggestions here would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for the input and advice and let me know if there are any other nuances about the program I should look to tweak before I start. Thanks Guys!!!

  1. Use one exercise only for chest and back.

  2. Not sure but sounds ok.

  3. Decline press is ok, as is shoulder press or high incline press.

I have a question about this program as well. why the hell does it work so well? i was fairly skeptical when i looked over it about a month ago because of the short durations of the w/o sessions, but after a month on the program i don’t want stop. even my calves, which were a big sticking point for me after eight years of training, have seen some noticeable growth. why does this work?

Raider Fan,I give you the same answers you got from Waggat.
Slimjim, I found ABBH a very well balanced program. Everything is well explained, you have only to define your 1 RM’s. I appreciate the short workouts. I’m “obliged” to train calves and abs. My upper body improved probably because of the effective combination of bench press and barbell row to lower chest. The combination of loads, sets and reps is remarkable. In ABBH it’s evident a periodization: the workouts become progressively more difficult. In this way, I believe, “you don’t kill the progress”. You may use ABBH either in a bulking or in a cutting phase. After ABBH I’m planning to go on with ABBH2, Quattro Dynamo and Singles.

Slim the reasoning could be that you are now not over working yourself. A big mistake by many is overstimulation and insufficient rest. You may have just stumbled on the right amount of rest for you.

The above is usually true for those who are hard gainers. By giving more time between brief, yet intense w/o’s they start to get good progress.

It is also that CW is just a freaking miracle worker!!! GREAT PROGRAM

Hope this helps,


  1. Use only one exercise.
  2. Russian twists are fine
  3. 45 degree decline bench presses with a semi-supinated grip is a perfect option.

Keep in touch with your progress.

I had another questions about ABBH. I am about to finish my first part of ABBH and plan on switching the rep schemes with the movement plains for my next 3 workout cycle (i.e. Day 1 5x10, Day 3 10x3). Do I need to retest all my maxes, or should I calculate the %s of the maxes I used for the first 3 workout cycle?


Have you used ABBH I for cutting? I’ve actually been reluctant to do it because I want to cut lots of weight, but more than one person has mentioned they had success with the plan for cutting. I should probably just go ahead and do it. The relatively short sessions will probably leave some room for HIIT work.

I know you didn’t ask me this, so I hope you don’t mind me putting in my input…but I have personaly used ABBH for cutting, and I feel it would be an effective method for a couple of reasons. First, in C. Thibideau’s series of articles about his transformation (the beast evolves, mutation series 1 and 2) he recommends higher intensity, shorter duration workouts with heavier loads (higher percentage of 1rm, lower reps) to preserve muscle mass while dieting. The nature of ABBH seems mostly in line with that. 2. As you stated, the shorter nature of the workouts would probably be better for the glycogen starved state your muscles would be in given a reduced calorie, reduce carb diet, which you would probably be following to lean up. Hope that helps!


BB - Didn’t mean to limit the response to just luca - your input is much appreciated. You’re right that ABBH I does seem to comply with CT’s recommendations about weight training while dieting which are, like you said, a focus on strength with lower volume. Even though the program has the 5x10 days, I don’t think that’s too much volume while dieting.

Thanks for the response.


You don’t need to retest all of your maxes, you can estimate them from your previous cycle. You’ll know within the first workout if the load is too light/heavy. Remember, you should be at/near failure on the last rep of the last set. If not, adjust accordingly.

I am using ABBH for cutting at present and am holding, or increasing slightly, my strength. Muscle size has decreased somewhat but I have lost 15 pounds. My previous program was also one of Chad’s- ‘Single’s Club’ which definitely helped me maintain strength while dieting. I am a rugby player and strength is as important to me as looking good nekid. Almost.

I can’t wait to try it again in September when it’s time to eat like a horse again! Get huge!

Mike the Bear, because of the 6 hours difference between Italy and U.S. I can answer you only now. Anyway Bigbugga already gave you my same answer. Personally I’m close to the end of ABBH. As CW said, I used the same 1 RM’s for the 2nd part of the training. Even though, I found sometimes difficult the 5x10 scheme for bench,row and deadlift. This probably because I didn’t train previously using 10 reps. Till now while using ABBH, I kept my bodyweight constant(187 lbs, 5’8", 18%bodyfat). I’m planning to start HIIT in the off days during ABBH2.