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ABBH Question

I just started ABBH this week, and I’ll be honest, I flat out love it. My only question is that I noticed for the bench press, you merely increase the reppage from 10 x 3 to 10 X 4 and eventually to 10 X 5. For other excercises it says to increase weight, should I increase weight for bench or just the amount of reps?

I know the answer is probably obvious, but I just wanted to double check.


Chad Waterbury, you are amazing, thank you so much for the wonderful and sensible excercise.

On the low-rep exercises, you increase reps but not weight. On the high-rep exercises you increase the weight but not the reps. Hope that helps. I did the program a couple months ago and got good results, too!

Just increase the volume (reps) for the 10 x 3 method, not the load.

You’ll quickly notice that an increase in volume from 10 x 3 to 10 x 5 by the third week, isn’t mere at all. That’s a 66% increase in volume in only three weeks!

Good Luck on the program, let me know your results when you’re finished.