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ABBH Programs

Alright so I made up my own program thing and posted it a few weeks ago. I did it for about 3 1/2 weeks, and felt burnt out like crazy. Too much volume, too much intensity…done 3x a week and then a 4th day with strongman stuff. Anwyays it had me overtrained. So I got sick then too so I didn’t lift any weights for about a week and half.

So, now I was thinking of just going back to “basics” and starting Chad Waterbury’s program Anti-Bodybuilding-Hypertropy program 1. I did it last night Chest/Back - 10 x 3…it was EASY AS HELL. I don’t know why, I was expecting to be like…muscles dying or something but it felt really easy. Now I’m wondering if I should check my maxes for the bench and row, and squat and all…and then get back to the program…cause maybe my strength levels increased a bit. I’m not sure…all I know is that it felt real easy and I don’t know what to do now.

If I could get any help that’d be sweet cause tomorrow is Day 3. One more thing is that should I do the front squat for Day 3, or back squat. I’m going to be doing deadlifts on Day 7. I’m just wondering…AND also instead of decline situps on day 7, could I do side bends or something, to work the obliques and on Day 3 to work the abs.


10X3 days can and should leave you feeling good and like you can get more.

Chad goes over this in his articles, but I don’t remember if he talked about it in the ABBH article. He also has a “Science of 10x3” article that is a great read.

If you still feel like you miss-judged, you can increase the load a bit, but it’s better to err on the light side.

Do you feel like your last set of 3 was at least close to failure?

Also make sure you judge what you’re doing by your progress, not how drained or sore you feel from the workout.

Good luck! ABBH is awesome!

Nope the last set I felt good and felt like I could still put in more reps 4 sure. With the bent over rows I also increased the weight for the last 3 sets, and on the last set I did it for 5 reps. So I think I’m just going to increase the weight on both. Cause I did err on the lighter side for rows.

Bench I didn’t I did 80% of my max, and it just seemed real easy…thats why Im wondering if my bench increased or not during that last time i did the workout. I do very motivated to workout again though, so thats definaetly a postive thing. Could anyone answer my question about the exercise selection?


Also dont judge the program on week 1. go a few weeks and follow the progression and then lets here what you have to say. It can feel very easy the first week. But after being BURNT out thats a GOOD thing.