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ABBH Program


I just have a few questions about it. I am havin a brain fart and some of the things are not sticking in my mind..

First,here is the link for the workout.


Second, all I do for day 1 is BB bench and then seated cable rows? So just those two exercises? The I go chest 3 reps, rest, then back 3 reps, rest?

THen for day 3, i do these three exercises in order (Barbell Front Squat, Hanging Pike, Standing Calf Raise )?

Then For day 5 all i do is chin and dips correct?

Im sorry if I sounds pretty dumb but Im really not. I guess it is not just sinkin in with me.





it sounds strange for a reason, because it is "anti-bodybuilding." I have yet to use this program, but obviously it is very popular.


Just try the program exactly as it's written and make sure you eat a shit ton of food. Then come back and be sure to tell use your results!

Good luck.


Also for the any of the workouts 3X10, 5X10 I keep the same weight the whole way through just switch it depending on if it's 60 or 80% for the whole 23 days?


Keep it the same but switch it?

You keep the 10x(3, 4, 5) weight the same but increase the reps each week.

You increase the 5x10 weight each week while keeping the reps the same.


thanks for the help; you answered the question; i just didnt ask it in a good way.


Two last questions and i will be done bothering everyone. First, i just did DB flat bench in my last workout and for this I have to do BB flat bench. Is that a problem or should I switch to incline or decline for this workout? Second, can I run a mile on my days off for very mild cardio? Thanks


Flat bench is fine.

Yes, you can do mild cardio on your off days.


I was just doing chin-ups in my last workout. Do I continue to do them or shall I do some other type of pullup? THanks


nvm I am stupid. I was doin pullups with a neutral grip between pronation and supination. Also I am 6 feet 175, so I was just wonderin if anyone could help me out with how much I should be eating of what so I dont eat to much and gain a lot of fat but not to little so my training is worthless. Also how have people done on their abs. WHat i mean is are they somewhat lost because of the mass gains? Does that make sense?


Would it be smart to replace flat bench with incline bench since this program does not hit shoulders specifically at all? or would that inhibit progress?


Why are you asking about incline bench here, and dumbbell bench in the beginners forum?

Rows, bench, pullups, dips, etc will hit your delts a little bit. If you want to hit your delts more, why not follow a program that puts more direct emphasis on them?


Wow old thread

Tip : Don’t do this program and train your shoulders