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ABBH Part 1 - Couldnt Get All Reps

The first monday i got flat bench 230lb 10x3… this monday i tried to get 230lb 10x4 and only get 6 sets of 4. 3 reps for 7-9 set. and 2 reps for 10th set. Is this real bad? I cant tell if the program is working for me or not. How should I deal with this for my next workout? Should i attempt 10x5 like it says?

I had the same problem in the past, also with chin ups.

You can’t get 10x5 with 230ld. I would suggest that start from 170lb and increase the weight on every set (like in I,Bodybuilder). That way you should be able to go above 230ld in the last sets.