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Hi guys,

First of all, I don't post here much, but I've learned an incredible amount about nutrition and training from this site. Thanks to everyone for being such wonderful sources of information.

I am currently following CW's ABBH program and completed Day 1 last night in about 30 minutes. I did 10x3 of bench press with 170 and 10x3 of free-weight machine rows with 120. Having just come off a Max-OT program for a few months (which I saw good gains from, but then an inevitable plateau), I calculated my 1RMs from recent lifts on that program (usually 4-6 reps to failure) using the calculator on exrx.net.

The workout seemed fairly easy, and today I am experiencing no DOMS whatsoever. I know it's not the only indicator of having a good workout, but after hearing about the intense soreness on this program, I can't help but feel I did something wrong.

Any suggestions / advice?


I did ABBH and don't remember experiencing DOMS, but did experience good gains in hypertrophy and strength. In my experience though, DOMS are worse 2 days post workout. It's possible that you didn't use enough weight or that you got the proper amount of pwo nutrition and rest, the latter being a good thing, the former being sub-optimal (I don't like to say bad because you still got a workout in).



Thanks for the input.

I think I need to increase the weight on these lifts, perhaps the calculator was not all that accurate. My question is, should I start Week 1 again after this week, using this week as a learning week? Or should I just increase the weight and start Week 2 at 10x4?

I think I'm just splitting hairs here, I'm more than a little obsessive, especially when it comes to working out. But by the looks of other posts on the board, it seems that many of you are as well (although I'm a lot smaller than many of you guys).

I'm going to start posting here more often, seems that there are many intelligent people here to learn from.


Coach Staley once told me not to confuse DOMS with training progression or general progress.

If you are making gains in strength, mass, endurance or speed, you are progressing.


Even we research geeks can support this. I had a grad student of mine present data a couple years ago that soreness did not correlate with the timing of other markers of recovery.

(Still, some soreness is usually welcome in my book.)