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ABBH just kicked my ass!!!

I decided to give ABBH a try because it is very different to anything that I have done before. I have been trying to develop some power during the past few months and it was time for a change.

Day 1 was a breeze. 10 x 3 at 80% no sweat. I was actually a bit disappointed but eager to see what the second workout would do. 5 x 10 at 60%.

I did not complete 5 sets. 4 sets of squats at 270 was about all I could handle. (I may have overestimated my ORM but not by much) My head was still spinning when I was supposed to be into the next exercise. I completed the 4th giant set and have barely moved since.

I guess I’m not disappointed about it being easy anymore. Next week I will be ready for it but round 1 definitely went to CW.