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ABBH II Template Available

Hey, there, T-Peeps!

I got some requests for an ABBH II template when I was sending out the template for ABBH I. Chad just now finished looking at it and put his seal of approval on the template for ABBH II.

If you’d like a copy, PM me with your email address. I’ll be sending it out in an MS Excel and MS Word format, both.

Just FYI, Hurricane Ivan is going past Tampa this Wednesday, so if you don’t get a PM or the spreadsheet around that time, I’m probably just temporarily offline and will send it as soon as I get back online.

I’ll PM MikeTheBear and see if he’s willing to host the spreadsheet on his MSN Group. Once again, MikeTheBear has an HTML version available if you don’t have Microsoft Excel.

The spreadsheet I’m sending out has two tabs at the bottom; one for ABBH I and one for ABBH II. Just click on the one you’re interested in and go from there. I put titles on each of the two programs, Chad’s name, and the link to the article on T-Nation. Each program will print in landscape mode on a single page.

Enjoy! (grin)

For those who want the spreadsheet, let me know if it is helpful to you to have the sheet automatically calculate your weights or you would rather just fill in the values yourself. I doubt that I will have time today to add the formulas into the spreadsheet, but just uploading a template with no formulas takes no time at all.

And for those who do not have a link to “The Den” http://groups.msn.com/MikeTheBearsDen/

Hey, there, T-Peeps. I’ve gotten requests for some of Chad’s other programs in an Excel spreadsheet. The question of the day is:

What of CW’s programs would you like to have made available next in an Excel spreadsheet?

I will tally the results, and the program that gets the most votes will be done first, with the others following as I have time. Please record your vote here on this thread.

Special thanks AGAIN to MikeTheBear for hosting ABBH I and ABBH II on his MSN Group!!!

News Alert, News Alert ! ! ! NBeev1 has offered to make a PDF version of the spreadsheets I created for those of you who don’t have Word or Excel. It should be ready shortly.

Tampa-Terry is the Man!

My vote for other CW workouts are (in order of preference):

Triple Total Training
Singles Club
Quattro Dynamo


And one other thing…

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding any of the spreadsheets and documents on my MSN site, Mike the Bear’s Den, please either post them here or send me a PM. Although the MSN sites have message features so that members can actually talk to each other, I never read those messages. I only use that site as an online storage area so that I can share documents and spreadsheets with others.

If you have something you’d like to post, let me know and I’ll consider posting it. Nothing naughty or objectionable, though. While I am a big supporter of the First Amendment, my MSN site ain’t the place to exercise your rights to free speech - I want to keep my site clean. Plus MSN gets a little fussy if they see prictures of hoos hoos and he haw haws.

Need to add something else. The reason I have offered to post the spreadsheets is because TT and I both have other stuff we need to do. Okay, perhaps I shouldn’t speak for TT since I’m just guessing that TT has other stuff to do, but I think it’s a good guess. While I have sent people the spreadsheet by e-mail in the past, those days are gone. No more. So please don’t PM me with “can you please e-mail me a copy?” No, I can’t. Visit The Den, download to your heart’s content.


I think Tampa Terry is a woman :slight_smile:

So I believe the proper thing would be to say,

Tampa Terry is da woman…or as Ali G puts it, Respect!

I believe that what he actually says is “Reeespeck”, spelled R-E-S-T-E-C-P.


Anyway, I have a set of OVT Excel spreadsheets that I used on that program (not that it really needs to calculated anything for OVT - I just wanted a nice log, which has the useless function of graphing my progress). If anyone wants this, PM me.

I’m about to try CW’s Quattro dynamo at 2000kcal above maintenance with metformin and Methoxy isoflavone. I have a template, but its modified heavily (and this is the subject of another thread)… but if anyone wants this…

Announcement: The worksheet/spreadsheet for ABBH I and II are now available in a PDF format for those of you who do not have Excel or Word.

Special thanks to NBeev1 for taking the time to convert the spreadsheets into a PDF format for all of us!!!

I repeat, it is contributions like these that make T-Nation the incredible resource it is.

Tracer, that’s really cool. Thanks for sharing! Methinks we should rename this thread to “Spreadsheet Central.” (grin)