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Hey all, im just about to start a new program and im thinking of giving these a try (in succession).

My previous programs over the last 6 - 8 months or so have been mainly low rep heavy weight stuff.

Has anyone who has done these programs got any thoughts or suggestions about them? Or like to share their results?



PS: in ABBH II, it has partial DL's, can these be swapped with regular DL's as my gym hasnt a squat rack with adjustable pins...? cheers


Yes, you can use full/straight leg/romanian/etc deads instead of partials.

ABBH is a great program. Brief workouts (less than an hour), very easy to follow progress, and they produce wonderful results.

If you have been doing primarily low-rep workouts, ABBH is also a good transition into higher rep routines, such as TBT.


cheers daven


I just completed 1 and am a week into 2. I loved the program!! I definately increased my strength and size. I have a thread devoted to ABBH1 in the Soroity Forum and some additional progress pics in the Physique and Performance Photo thread. Good Luck and be prepared to need extra sleep and food!



cheers AG1

Did you modify or add anything into the first one? for instance, on day 1, with only 2 exercises albeit with 'alot' of sets, i was thinking of adding in some arm work? just some curls and tri extensions maybe? so you think its necessary or not?

PS: atm, i am fkn sick as a dog and wont be starting it for a few more days atleast, plus i have some mates from OZ coming over, but after the last 2 months i have been quite full on so i think a break is needed...just thought id add that in


Soft. What mirrors coming over...ahaha


Jimmy I'd say see how you feel at the end of each session. I know there is so argument as to whether supplementary arm work is needed on AHHH1. I added in a bi/tri exercise occasionally but not every time. On the days you are doing 50 dips/chins all I wanted to do was get done! I did supplement the ab work on some off days.

Good Luck! My husband is going to start 1 today too.


Yeah, i did my first day yesterday and was going to add in some arm work but just left it to bench and rows...for the record, 190 for bench and 145 for the rows. I might add it in next week tho...i also do abs after each session, or plan too atleast, see how i feel as you say but its usually just some cable and swiss ball crunches.

cheers for the help :smiley:


HAHA, yeah mate, he is here...just had a great new years night, hope yours was great, will call you soon..

see you have lost some muscle


PM me if you want the spreadsheets


ok, ive started my actual wk 1 of ABBH1

195 x 3 on bench and 155 x 3 for rows...

and AG1, instead of doing extra arm work, i felt so fkn good that i did cleans and got a PR with a 185 x 1, i know i will pay for it today when i do day 2 but fk it :smiley: