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ABBH, GPP & More Questions

Here’s my question: since I’ve been using Surge I am bursting with energy to work out, and my last four days have been like this:

day one 5x10 horizontal push-pull
day two 10x3 quad dominant
day three GPP ASAP
day four (today) 10x3 vertical push-pull
day five (tomorrow) 5x10 hip dominant

that’s ABBH1, the flipped version (second three weeks)

Waterbury prescribes a day of rest between each, but I’m itching to work out!

I’m thinking day six will be GPP, and day seven will be off, then start over again.

Sounds okay to you guys?

Here’s my second question…I have been doing lots of research and have planned out my workouts for the next umpteen months based on advice from CW and other articles on the subject, and my needs… here we go:

Monster Shoulders (AC+CW) or Shoulders Overhaul (CT)
Hybrid Hypertrophy
Massive Chest (CW)
“The Power Look” (CT)
Singles Club

At this point, if needed, “cut down” using 10x3 for fat loss, outlaw conditioning, etc. If that’s not needed, hit my weakest area HARD. It’s really far in the future.

After I’m where I wanna be, I’ll be doing a continuous cycle of Waterbury’s recommendation for “an equal product of strength and mass” indefinitely, and maybe some westside thrown in:

Waterbury Method
Strength Focused Mesocycle
Primed for Muscle
Hybrid Hypertrophy

The question is very simple. Obviously my order may change, but whatever. I just want to know what programs you recommend I combine Monster Shoulders, Massive Chest, and Power Look with.

Thanks for reading through it, any opinion appreciated