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ABBH Front Squats


A thought regarding your decline sit-ups:

From personal experience, I can tell you that I have felt the lower back strain you are probably referring to, and it was due to: 1. going up to or past a vertical torso position at the top of the rep; and 2. going down to touch my back to the bench at the bottom of the rep. I change directions at the bottom as soon as I feel my shirt graze the bench, and I change direction at the top just before I reach vertical - and I no longer have lower back pain in the decline sit-up.

Another thing - I hold the plate(s) behind my head, not on my chest, for 2 reasons: 1. you don’t have to use nearly as much weight; and 2. this position encourages proper upper back/scapular/neck posture, which will also decrease lower back dysfunction.

Hope this helps!


My wrists hurt when doing the Olympic style grip. My wrists were coked all the way back and I was unable to place my elbow at even a 45 degree angle forward. The amjority of the weight was on my wrists, not my collarbone/delts/traps. I could only get one rep as my wrists hurt so much.