I am about to start a cyle of ABBH. What have other folks tried in terms of diet while doing a ABBH cycle?

I usually eat Massive Eating style and I am thinking of going with 4/5 P+C meals and 2-3 P+F meals. As for total calories, around 3500-4000 per day.

I will monitor progress on a per-week basis and adjust the calories accordingly.

Any suggestions on what others did?

I’ve been EDT for bulking. I’m sure this will work for ABBH. I have some questions myself.

Make sure you feed yourself BIG Time after your workout. I’ve been on a T Dawg 2.0 but what I’ve done is take 1/2 my daily intake after my workout and 90% of my carbs. Then I just drink low carb grow every three hours until bed. I’m experiencing good mass + strength gains + fat loss.

Some questions for you:

Are you ecto, meso, or endomorphic?

If you can eat and eat and not get fat that’s one thing. So a good rule of thumb is take your Lean body mass and multiply that by 1.5 that’s the grams of protein you need

Take your LBM and multiply by .4 to .6 and that’s how much fat you need.

Adjust your carbs as necessary. 100g a day or less to lose fat. 100g a day or more to gain mass.

These should get you in the ball park


Walleye, your suggestions for Protein sound good. However, I was thinking of a higher percentage of carbs on training days compared to fat. Around 200 grams/day on workout days and less on non-workout days.

Come on guys, throw in some input. I know ABBH is pretty popular right now :slight_smile:

I eat everything in sight, especially Tribex.

I have several bowls of cereal along with a Classic grow post workout (20 min. after my Surge). Great for size and recovery.

Up your carbs 3 hours before your workout, then drink Surge during and after your workout. Then have protein and a bunch of carbs 1-2 hours after. You could consume at least 150-200 grams around your workout. That way your body will have plenty of fuel. I think this will help pack on the mass.

The following day I would consume 60% of your carbs in the morning to help with recovery and then consume the rest by lunch and then have your protein and fat meals later. This should keep your muscle building repair high and fat low.

chints, I like walley’s advice a lot! What I would recommend in addition is that you keep a food log. It’s a hassle in the beginning, but if you want to get a handle on manipulating and controlling your body composition (the amount of fat and the amount of LBM), you’re just going to have to break down and do it. Check out Chris Shuggart’s article, “The Missing Ingredient,” @ Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION.

The way I would approach dieting is to do just as walleye said. Calculate your protein and fat requirements. Start out with 100g of carbs per day. The first two weeks don’t count. But after that, if you’re losing weight too fast, raise carbs slightly. You’d also want to raise carbs if you see that you don’t have the energy you need to work out and lift weight.

It’s a dance, chints. P & F don’t vary much. Carbs are raised or lowered to suit our purposes, help us meet our goals and to manage energy levels. I also like the idea of taking in the majority of your carbs PWO and eating mostly P+F meals leading up to your workout.

For structure and hard numbers, why don’t you look at T-Dawg 2.0?

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.