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ABBH Diet?

I am doing the ABBH part 1… I did the monday workout and am extremely sore from the 10x3 in my chest. I dont know if ill be recovered by friday for dips… can anyone let me know what type of diet should be employed because i dont feel like i should be THIS sore. thanks guys

The main reason for the soreness is prob just because you’ve started somethng different to what you’re used to. Do your next workout as planned and the soreness will get easier.

Make sure you’re eating every 2-3 hrs. Plenty of protein. Also try some BCAAs.

If I take a week off and slam my legs when I get back into the gym you can garauntee that it will hurt to sit, stand, walk and live the next couple days. When you throw some new stimulus at your body it is going to let you know how it feels. Man up on your next work out and your body will thank you. Also, I echo what LE said about protein and BCAAs. Also, get some quality fish oil in you.