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ABBH and unilateral exercises

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I have the following question. I want to correct my imbalances so I created a ABBH program with mainly unilateral exercises. I have read in an old post that I should keep the parameters the same. But in what way should I keep the parameters the same?

There are 10x3 and 5x10 sets. If I do the recommended number of sets and reps for both sides, but then the total workout would be doubled and in that case I’m probably overtraining.

I could also do half the number of reps (or sets) for each side. But then I don’t know if the ABBH program is still effective. Any suggestions for the best parameters?

You can train unilaterally and still do each bodypart at the same time. Just use dumbbells (dumbbell bench, dumbbell squats, dumbbell deadlifts, etc.).

Otherwise, you will be doing 10x3 and 5x10 for each side. Since you’re training unilaterally, you’ll still be doing the same amount of sets, it will just take you longer to complete the workout.