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ABBH and Fat loss?

I was wondering if anyone had used ABBH while trying to lower BF%? CW stresses that caloric availability is important on the program, but I am assuming that is for weight gain. I stopped lifting for about six months and lost mass and gained bodyfat. I am trying to get my body comp right before I start putting mass on again. I just started using HotRox and have been doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Not looking to get shredded super fast or anything, just take off about a pound or two of fat a week and get some strength back. I am of course following P+C, etc. protocol eating about 2400-3000cal a day depending on whether it is a lifting day or not. Stats are about 208lbs. and a guess would be between 12-16% BF although I pretty much carry it in my gut like everybody else! Any suggestions on using ABBH or any other program/advice would be greatly appreciated!

As you stated, I don’t recommend ABBH for fat loss. But some trainees have had success with the program while trying to lose fat - it’s a versatile program.
Try it and see. You’ll soon realize if it’s too much for your body to handle. But you never know, you could be one of the trainees who can handle it while losing fat.

Alright apayne, repeat after me;
Good, we’re getting somewhere.

Now, CW does stress caloric intake on ABBH, but that is because the program was designed for people who wanted hypertrophy. So, calorie intake is key in growth. In the same breath, calorie intake(and timing) is key in weight loss. So, to answer your question; It is possible to use ABBH to lean up. Just make sure that you are eating correctly.
(Read up on the nutrient timing by JB)

These are my suggestions. (Keep in mind that I have no degree in anything, so take them with a grain of salt. I stole most of them from JB anyways)

  1. The large majority of your carbohydrate intake comes in the three-four hours after your workout.
  2. Make sure you have a good PWO shake (surge is at a great price)
  3. Eat every 2-3hours
  4. 1.5grams of protein per pound of LBM
    (Try and get a micellar casein, if your going the supp route)
  5. Outside of the 4hrs post-workout, you want your carbs to only come from fruits and veggies(veggies at every meal). Your energy source during this time comes from healthy fats.(Overload on Omega-3s, especially fish oil)

The main point of my rant is this; ABBH will put a high demand on your body, calling for a higher caloric intake. Now, if you take that time to eat clean and smart.(Read Fucking superb clean eating, but big eating)
You will increase cellular turnover, boost your metabolism, gain muscle and lean up.

My $.02, take from it what you will.

apayne, I’ve done Chad’s program while cutting. But I’ve been cutting for what feels like forever, and at this point you could almost say I’m trying to do what might be called a recomposition; i.e., reducing my BF% is the goal, not necessarily scale weight.

Make sure your PWO nutrition is dialed in Allow yourself an extra day of rest if you need it. Don’t go ultra-low on the carbs. And you should be all right. I saw strength increases even though I lost some scale weight.

It’s a cool program! Especially if recovery is an issue for you.

Thanks for taking the time to reply personally! I will try the program and see how my body responds. I just got back from my first ABBH workout and one nice thing is getting in and out of the gym quick. I know you say not to train to failure, but I don’t feel very fatigued at all. How pumped should I be feeling? Do I need to add more load? Since I started working out again two weeks ago, I was using your program where you lift every part 3-4 times per week, 3-4 sets per body part per workout. Do you feel that this would be better suited to my goals, or is it also not for maintenance calorie diets? Thanks again, this was my first post and I’m really stoked about all the great things that you and T-mag have to offer!

Edgar and TT,
Thanks for the input guys! I’ve got that all pretty dialed in Edgar, I’m a JB fanatic, got up to a high of 235 with about 8% with massive eating about a year ago. TT, I also could give a fuck about scale weight, bigger is better! Like you, I’d like to improve my BC. Most research I’ve seen suggests that it is better to be trim before gaining mass and the fat that goes with it, rather than getting bigger first and adding more fat to an already fat ass. If I had a digital cam I’d post a pic and see what you guys thought. TT, I just graduated from FAU in Boca Raton. What do you do in Tampa?