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ABBH and cutting

Anyone tried Chad’s ABBH program while cutting? I was thinking that it might be a good one to try once I start to cut.

I read that Tampa-Terry had been doing this routine. How has it been coming for you?

Fro the response that I have heard to ABBH while cutting, it is successfull. TT as you said and a few others. I think Shiggy might have been doing it also while cutting.

I loved the program but wasn’t cutting at the time, but think it would work great @ helping retain strenght.

Hope that helps.

I loved doing this program while leaning out last year and intend on using it again in a few weeks. I stayed interested, focused, and fresh despite the lower caloric intake. Methoxy helped, too.

I should work fine for cutting.

good program for cutting because you lift every other day different volumes give it a shot you should feel fresh all the way through