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ABBH and Arm Work


will be starting this and I'm thinking about arm work.

would it be good to stick to what Chad suggestS or would it be om to do the 100 rep scheme?

or both?

or would that be totally over training?

I work out at home and that means I am unable to take part in some of the suggested exercises.

I need some suggestions for exercises I can do in place of the ones I can't.

due to a broken hand I suffered from a couple of years ago, I'm unable to perform upright rows and I don't have a dipping station either, so what would be best to use in place of these?

I have a pull up bar but it's a doorway bar - would this be ok to use? or is there some other exercise I could do instead?



I would try it once as is. Then as Chad has stated before then you may feel the need to add a few sets in if wanted/needed.

The Hundred rep protocol on off days is an option as well.

Give it a go if you feel you can properly recover and are not getting the desired stimulas chaneg it a bit.



but I'm unable to do some of the exercises as previously stated, so how do i go about changing these?:

1) dips

2) upright rows

those 2 lifts are a complete no go as I don't have the equipment and I'm unable to do rows due to a broken hand that doesn't allow me to do this exercise.

I will try hanging pikes, but using a doorway pull-up bar might be less than ideal.

so are there any other exercises I can perform in stead of this?


I did this program a few years ago and it was great. I wouldn't worry about adding direct arm work. When I did ABBH I added some decent size to my upper arms, but I was also consuming excess calories. I think your best substitution for dips would be standing overhead presses with a barbell. Good luck.



No dips and upright rows. I used miliary/overhead press and chins

Hope that helps,


so you used overhead press instead of upright rows


chins instead of dips?

but aren't dips used for tricep/chest mass?

on this programme, am I right in thinking that when it says 'BB rows' it does mean upright rows and not bent over rows?

I'm a bit confused - bent over rows work the back but upright rows work the shoulders and yet it states it's a chest and back day when it appears it is infact a chest/shoulder day?!


"BB rows" means bent over barbell rows. They are supersetted with bench presses, as both work the upper body in the horizontal plane (push/pull).


dips are a verticle press in the verticle zone up and down. So are overhead press. Yes they work different areas but hey thats GOOD. Just do your horizontal at a slight decline and your all good.