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ABBH: Alt to Dips/Chin-Ups

Are there any alternatives to the dips/chin-ups?

I have none of those in my gym (a.k.a. a sub-basement with a weight bench)

Weighted pushups, for your dip substitute. Bent rowing or sled dragging always increases my chin-up power so i guess you could try those.

If you have two sterdy chairs than you have a dip station. You have a few choices. the behind the back dips w/ your feet on one chair dipping from the other.

Or, face the backs of the cahirs together w/ you in between, now place your hands on the high part of the back of the chair, bend your leggs behind you and DIP!! Good Luck!!!

a door way chinup bar will run you about 20 bucks and most can support around 220 lbs when installed properly

You can do bench dips for reps and close grip bench press, as that should be enough work for your tri’s. ALthough the chair thing works, just throw some weight on them to keep them stable.

There really is no substitute for pullups in my opinion…try to get some kind of bar to use for them. They really are excellent.