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Starting the ABBH 2 on monday and was reading over CW's article and a few of these exercises I have not done in a long time. Is their a tip that will help me figure my 7RM or 15RM? Or basically just throw some plates on and go for it. If I miss judge though I will be burnt after a few sets and not have an accurate RM. Make any sense or am I over thinking this?


I'm a few weeks into ABBH2. Just guesstimate and see how it feels after your first set. You can always adjust the weight that first day as you progress into the workout. Or at least that is what I do. Its not scientific but it works. Have fun!


Thanks AG. That's what I thought. I am heading to the gym today,normally an off day, to see what I can come up with.Looking forward to starting on Monday. By the way.. have been following your thread on ABBH 1 and all I can say is WOW! Keep it up girl.


Good Luck! I just did the 4 x 12 partial dead day....thats a tough one!

Have fun and thanks. I've really had fun with these programs.



hey, ive just started ABBH1 and for this 'first' week, i used it as a practice week to get the weight right...so tomorrow i will start the program for real so i can document it accurately.

good luck