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ABBH 2 - Exercise Question

i’ve almost complete Chad Waterbury’s ABBH 1 and am very pleased with the results.

I wanna move on to ABBH 2, but I’m concerned because I don’t have equipment for doing cable rows.

All I have is my basic barbell set and my dip/chin station.

What can I do about this?

i also don’t have dumbells :frowning:

Should I just following another CW program that incorporates my equipment instead?

IMHO, you can do bent-over rows.

so i can do 6 x 5 bent-over rows?

Yes, you can substitute bent-over rows.

You may want to read the discussion thread for the article since a lot of important information is found there. I know it is long but it is worth reading Chad’s responses to a number of questions (at a minimum do this) as well as the other posters that have/had experience with the program.

How serious are you fellows about training if you don;t TRY to get access to some good equipment?

I can understand not having access for a short period/transition, but come on. I;m positive the next thread will be from someone saying “hai guyz, I just have this dental floss and gallon jugs. how do i finish Thibs Get Jacked program…”

And bent over rows may NOT be the best option depending on the program you re following (no experience with ABBH so its your call). For one thing, cable rows eliminate a lot of the lower back strain (not all of it obviously) so you can add it to (say) a deadlift session and not injure yourself, depending on the weights youre moving. For another thing cable rows will allow you to use heavier weights to focus on back detail (pulling to waist, to neck, or torso, etc).