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Hey all,
I just got through the first four weeks of ABBH 1 and put on some pretty good strength and mass gains; however i'm feeling a little run down. Do you think there's any real problem in taking a week off before switching the sets/rep scheme for the second half of the program?



Not a Prob and probably smart or simply a backl of week you dont have to be a human slug.


Thanks, for a back off week, should I try to continue the workout but reduce sets, reps and weight? Or is there a better way to do it?


personally, i do a light week every 4th week. all of my workouts are full-body o-lift based and pretty cns intensive, not too mention i'm really active outside of the gym as well.

if i feel normal on the light week i cut back to half volume, sometimes even less, but i'll still go pretty heavy.. 80-85% ish max. but if i'm feeling drained, as you say you are, i don't go near max effort and still cut the volume in half.

some people think every fourth week is too often to go ez but it's what i need to do to keep it going for the long haul. the trap i have to watch out for is usually on the 2nd or 3rd day of the ez week i start feeling really awesome and so i go nuts and even hit a pr here and there, but i end up paying for it by being sluggish for the next week or even two...

so ,for what it's worth, that's me and what i do.


reduce (~ 1/2) the volume (sets x reps) but maintain the intensity (weight).


Thanks so much guys.