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ABBH 1 Set/Rep Question


Hi. I was wondering if there is a reason that the 10x3 days on the ABBH 1 are for the horizontal back/chest day and the 5x10 days are for the vertical?

Would it matter if I switched that? I can only do 3 chins so I thought it might work better if I tried to pull of 10 sets of 3 on those rather than try for 5 sets of 10.


Read ABBH 2, there it has the second-half to ABBH 1 and the set/rep schemes for the exercises are flipped, so for the first 3 weeks you'll be doing 10x3 for bench, etc. and then the last 3 weeks you'll be doing sets of 5x10. Hope that helps.


Thanks. I have searched the site and can't find ABBH 2. Do you have a link?



It is actually the second half of ABBH1. Days 1 through 23 (assuming my fingercounting is correct and with the count including rest days) are as you described. On days 25 through 45, you flip the exercises to the other rep protocols. For example: day 25 is the chin/dip 10x3 at 80% day; day 27 is deadlifts/decline sit ups/seated calf at 5x10 and 60%; day 29 is bench and rows 10x3 at 80%; day 31 is front squats/pikes/standing calf 5x10 and 60%.

Hope this helps.




There is a great link that contains all CW programs in handy dandy spreadsheet and .pdf forms found in this thread in the ninth post



if you can't do the chins do pull downs instead


if you can't do the chins do pull downs instead