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Ab Workout Debate


I've heard conflicting information regarding ab workouts and was hoping you guys would help.

1) Some trainers say to work abs everyday and some to work them every other day.

2) How to stimulate growth vs. tonage and what type of excercise should one do for either one?

3) When doing leg raises on the captains chair, some ppl do it knees bent and in a quick tempo while others have legs straight going up slowly, holding at the top for 2 seconds, then coming down slowly. Which one is more effective?

4) Whats the most effective lower ab excercise?



Look for my article "Abs on Trial" in the archives ... your questions are answered there.


There are a ton of great ab movements. However, depending upon your goals and your current program there might not even be a reason to work them more than once per week, if even that. Sounds odd huh?


err... don't leg raises work the hips and hardly the abs anyway?