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AB Work and Waist Size


I would like to reduce my waist size and have more of a V tapper. My chest/back measurement flexed is around 40.5 inches, my waist is 31.5. I know diet and cardio are important. Right now I guess I am about 10-12% BF. My abs are visible while flexed. Should if forgo weighted ab work and do only non-weighted ab work, or do one day weighted ab work and another non-weighted..


What do you expect to receive from non weighted ab work compared to weighted?


Abs HUH?? Do Both

Here these will help

By The Beast and Mrs. Beast



Both are killer


Do both weighted and non weighted, treat your abs like any other muscle group. The size/girth of your waist even with low bf% is mostly genetic.


I am trying to guess the same thing. I could say that non-weighted would tone, but I hate the word tone. I guess non-weighted wouldn't add the muscle size in my waist, but could help to strenghten the abs, especially if done slowly.


First, you don't have a big waist...at all. You have a small chest. What type of V-Taper do you expect with a chest that only measures 40"? Realize that some bigger guys could even get away with much larger waists and still look proportional because their chests and backs are so thick.

That is why Gunter Schlierkamp can walk around with a waist near 40" and still have an impressive V-taper simply because his chest is 60" around. With a 31" waist and a 40" chest, you are nearly straight up and down. Until you build up your shoulders, chest and back, it will remain that way.

Bottom line, worry less about your abs and more about building some actual size on your frame. God, a 40" chest is like what I had as a freshman in high school. How old are you?

Is anyone honestly trying to get a guy with a 31" waist to LOSE more weight? If not, why was every response trying to only focus on his abs?


it takes time and experience to realize that working on abs is bullshit.

It takes time and experience to realize you need the compounds and olympic lifts.


I do focus on compounds 95% of the time. Right now I am doing the 21 Day itch program minus the Strongman day. My diet is not perfect 100% of the time, but I do eat 5-6times per.day gettting around 160-180grams protein per. day. I dont count cals but I estimate I get around 3000 cals per. day. I am 5'8" and 155LBS with a small bone structure.


I have used numerous programs in the past and will come back to each one. I have done 5x5, 20rep squat, WSFSB and a few others. I do squat, dip, bench or incline press 1-2xper. week depending on program. I also do deads (trap-bars are my favs) once a week depending on the program. In the past few months I have incorporated oly. lifts, but still need practice.

Yes, I know compounds are the best bang for the buck that is why I have used compounds for more than 95% of my workouts for the past few years.


I would agree that you'd want to build more muscle before losing more fat. That's something you will ultimately want to do if you really want to have defined abs. But you're unlikely to shrink your waist much even once you hit the single digits. I wouldn't think any more than an inch to an inch-and a half. To get the v-taper, you need to get the v. And for that, you'll need to build.


Hey Professor X,

I resemble that statement! My chest measurement is a 40 and I have a 31 inch waist.

I am 5'4 and 175 (compete at 165).



As Professor says you can have a big waist but it depends on your shoulder and back mass, shoulder width, largely determined by your bi-acromial width, but can be increased to add to taper along with upper back mass etc.


Shit, man, at 5'4", you might as well be Lee Priest...well, his mini-me.


You must have good size arms and thighs. I would guess your arms around 16-16.5" and things 24-25"


Why dont you work on improving your lats?


Depending on the program I am doing I do lats 1-2xper.week. Using the 21 day itch program I do chins/pullups 1xper. week and cleans 1xper. week. Using my current program I am doing about 6-7 sets of chins/pullups Believe me, I enjoy working lats.


If you want big arms you gotta squat...

If you want a better V-Taper, DEADLIFT!!!!!


Do you enjoy eating? How much weight have you gained in the last month or so? The last two months? How old are you again?


I am 31. I eat around 2800-3000 cals per. day. I do deadlift, but I haven't done them in about 2 weeks. I am cycling them with squats in the 21 Day itch program. Normally I include deads about once per. week about 3-5 sets with reps from 5 to 1. Usually in the 3-5 rep range. I am having some pain in my lowerback, so I have decided to forgo deads and back squats for about 2weeks.


My diet various from time to time, but here is a typical diet on a workout day.
4:15 AM Lowcarb yogurt mixed w/1.5scoops of protien powder
two pieces of toast 1 with PB,Cashewbutter, or almound butter, the other with honey
arrive at gym between 5:45-6:00
6:30 PWO drink. 1scoop protien poweder mixed with 16OZ chochlate milk
9:00 1/2 of of protien shake. 24oz non-fat milk, 2 bananas, 3-4eggs or 2tbs pb, almound, or cashew butter, 3scoops protien pwdr
11:30 Lunch 25-30 grams of protien, usually chicken, rice. Lunch can vary, but always have atleast 25grams protien
2-3:00 other half of protien drink.
5-6:00 dinner. Steak, or chicken, carb source can be anything from oatmeal to rice.
8:00 cottage cheese mixed mixed w/low carb yougurt, tbs PB.

I have been using Met-RX protien powder because I can pick can up cheap at Trader Joes. 19.95